Ever wonder how you can live a more purposeful and fulfilling life?

Well that's why I am here.

For the longest time, I had problems slowing down and living a life with intention. 

I dealt with the hard realization that I was addicted to my phone and have been for almost 10 years. 

I wrestled with understanding who I really was because of the fear of disappointing others.

I neglected listening to my inner desire to do hobbies and things that brought me happiness for reasons I still do not understand.

I rushed through life on purpose because of social anxiousness, and I ended up missing out on richness of some of life's most important moments.

I binged. I avoided. I withheld. I wasn't living an intentional life.

Let's be real. Life change can be difficult.

When I transitioned out of college into "real adulthood," I realized that there was only one person who could change the trajectory of my life. Here's a hint: It wasn't my family or friends.


I was living life out of alignment of who I truly was and something needed to change.

But how could I make that change? The answer was simple. I needed to change my life through self-awareness and altering my daily rhythms.

As I started to make different changes in my life, I realized that other people have the same story I do. Hence, this platform. In this blog, I walk you through how you can live a slower, intentional life, so you can experience joy, purpose, and contentment. Now what? Read the blog to start down your path towards the life you always wanted.

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