Are Bob Seger’s Lyrics Inappropriate? | Rock & Roll Lyric Analysis

As I was listening to one of my dad's old records, I came across the song "Let it Rock" by Bob Seger.

This song seemed like a fun, light-hearted song at first, but then at the end, some of the lyrics concerned me. Here are the lyrics I am referring to:

"Little old Chuck Berry

Chuck used to say:

There she is again over there by the record machine

Three times

Lookin' like a model on the cover of a magazine

Too damn cute to be a minute over 13, I believe that

Meanwhile...Ol' Chuck he be thinkin'

She's in the mood, no need to break it

I got a chance and Lord I'm gonna take it

If she'll dance we might even make it

Come on Queenie, let's shake it

Little Queenie

Go go go little Queenie

Rock an roll rock an roll rock an roll

go go go little Queenie

Rock an roll rock an roll rock an roll" (full lyrics)

I was shocked to hear the lyrics "too damn cute to be a minute over 13" come from my record player. It actually made me sick. I am not sure if there is some hidden meaning behind the lyrics or if he truly meant the statement. Either way, I am on a quest to invoke discussion around the song.

Here are some questions I would like to ask.

  • If you grew up in the 70s/80s, did you think that this song was weird when you initially heard it?

  • What about now looking back on it?

  • Do you think he really meant what he said in the song or...?

I tried looking up the lyrics to see if there were any articles online diving into what the true meaning behind the lyrics were but couldn't find anything. Again, I understand that there may be some die hard Bob Seger fans on here, and I am not trying to shame him. I am just hoping to get a better understanding of the song! All comments ready for real discussion are welcome.


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