Best Podcasts on Spotify in 2021 | My Favorite Podcasts List

If you are like me, you may be looking for a new podcast to listen to while you work. Podcasts are a great way to learn something new and to hear a different perspective from others. I love podcasts specifically because you can multi-task while listening!

You can work and listen, drive and listen, eat and listen. The opportunities to listen to a podcast are absolutely endless. (Unless you are in the middle of a zoom meeting. Haha. Then, I would probably wait to listen to a podcast.)

The Top Podcast You Need to Listen to on Spotify [2021]

We may have different preferences when it comes to podcast preferences, but I thought I would share my favorites nonetheless! Here is a list of my favorite podcasts in no particular order.

1. Crime Junkie

If true crime is your thing, this is the podcast for you. The hosts go through different murder cases, missing cases, and unsolved cases. The coolest part? Their show sometimes allows for some of the unsolved cases to be finally put to rest!

2. Park Predators

The Park Predators Podcast explores true crimes in National Parks. Similar to the Crime Junkie Podcast, this podcast looks at different real stories of murder and kidnap. (The above episode is my favorite from the Park Predators Podcast!)

3. Unsocial Butterfly

The Unsocial Butterfly Podcast is a more discussion style podcast where the host talks about balancing a full-time job, creating content, and more.

4. What's Next? by Michelle Reed

Michelle Reed is a YouTuber/Podcaster who discusses topics relating to professional advice, everyday life, health, and motivation tips. I started listening to her podcast "What's Next" because I have been following her YouTube channel since high school!

5. The Mindset Mentor

The Mindset Mentor is a show that focuses on elevating your mindset. The episodes are brief, but a great show to listen to before starting your workday!

6. Gal Pals

The hosts of the Gal Pals Podcast enter into discussions centered around specific life moments like conflict resolution, healthy communication, and other specific life instances. Georgie and Engrid keep the discussions light-hearted but detailed!

7. In Strange Woods

In Strange Woods is a musical podcast that follows the story of a group of teens who want to take a survivalist test to see if they can survive the great outdoors after they lost one of their friends to exposure. I stumbled upon this podcast and was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it! I'm not much of a fan to musicals, but the storyline was hooking!

What Are Your Favorite Podcasts on Spotify?

Have some favorites you would like to share? Comment below on you favorite podcasts! (The more podcast recommendations the better!)


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