June is the Month of Travel

Dear blog diary,

This month, I have gotten to see places I've never seen before and enjoyed my time with the people I care about the most. Cheers to June 2021!

My Time in My Tennessee Hometown

I started off the month getting to spend time with my 6-month old nephew, IV. And boy has he grown or what? I can already tell that IV is going to grow up to be the sweetest little boy. He hardly cried and was happy to see me even though I'd only met him once before.

He can't crawl yet, but he can roll over to his back. Then cry because he can't roll back over to his front. Haha.

My Time in Costa Rica

From June 18-22, my roommate Sarah and I embarked on a journey to Costa Rica. (It was a country that neither of us had been to before!)

We got to zip line through the forest, tackle driving in a different country for the first time, and hike around the base of a volcano! We went to Costa Rica in the rainy season where we quickly discovered that Costa Rica rain and North Carolina rain are most definitely not the same thing. We go caught in torrential downpours every afternoon, but honestly, I think it made the trip more fun!

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My Time in Wisconsin

To end out the month, I headed off to the small airport in Appleton, WI to meet up with Elliott. Keep in mind the Appleton International Airport only has 6 gates, so it's super small!

We got to go to a Brewers game in Milwaukee (the Brewers beat the Cubs 15-7), have dinner on the river in Sheboygan, and explore all that Madison has to offer.

Be on the lookout for a Wisconsin blog in the next few weeks!

But, that's about it for the month of June! Until next month!

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