Stone Mountain State Park NC

stone mountain nc

I came across this beauty when a friend of a friend posted a picture of the infamous Stone Mountain view. (That’s how we all find new places to explore now-a-days right?)

About Stone Mountain State Park

Stone Mountain State Park is right on the VA/NC border in northwestern North Carolina. The park has 13,800 acres of land to explore by bike, horse, or foot. From swimming to hiking to horseback riding, this park has it all. But what it’s most known for is its 600 ft. granite dome that overlooks the mountains surrounding it.

How to Get to the Top of Stone Mountain

If you are looking to hike to the top, you will hike the Stone Mountain Loop Trail. You can park in either the lower lot or upper lot for free. (Just remember which lot you parked in!)

Things to Know Before Hiking Stone Mountain

Although the stone peak is beautiful once you reach the summit, this trail is not for the faint of heart. In the summer months, the peaks can be extremely hot, and there are many stairs you must climb in order to make it to the top. You will want to make sure you take in lots of water and pack a few snacks before hitting the trail. This trail is marked to be 4.6 miles, but our Apple watches tracked 6 miles. To hike the entirety of the trail, I would allocate 3.5-5 hours to hike it. You don’t want to be trying to hike the trail after dusk.

Something to note: If you want to bring small children, you may want to hike with them on your back. We saw a couple do this with their youngest child! The rest of the older children seemed pretty in shape, and they were able to hike to the summit.

Low-Impact Trails at Stone Mountain

Let’s say you aren’t looking for a strenuous hike. If you are still looking to enjoy the park without having to do all the climbing, you can visit the Hutchinson Homestead at the base of Stone Mountain. The 1800s-like cabins are a historical representation of what it was like to live in the 19th century. You can get more information about the Hutchinson Homestead site by visiting the Mountain Culture Exhibit at the Stone Mountain State Park office.


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